Monday, 16 April 2018

Buxcliff - April 2018

On 13th April 2018 I joined  mv Buxcliff, a 300m loa, 6628 teu containership, at Swanson Dock to perform a magnetic compass adjustment en route Sydney. We didn't sail until 1600 on the 14th after delays completing cargo and waiting for a brief abatement of high winds. The ship was very comfortable with a very hospitable crew though the weather was inclement with rough seas and the ship rolling heavily until the second afternoon, off the southern NSW coast. We berthed at Botany Bay, Sydney at 0300 on the 16th. and I flew home later that morning.

At West Swanson Dock, Melbourne.

The very comfortable Pilot's cabin allocated to me for my time aboard.
A long way down from the bridge wing to the wharf.
Other shipping in Swanson Dock on the 14th.

This ship on the other side of the dock, almost identical to Buxcliff, sailed just before us.

Port Phillip Sea Pilot Captain Marcus De Fina (pretending to be camera shy) and the Sri Lankan ship's Master.
Underway at last.

All fast at Botany Bay on the 16th.

Saturday, 31 March 2018

Victorian Reliance - March 2018

I joined the Bass Strait cargo ferry Victorian Reliance on Thursday 29th. March at Webb Dock for an overnight crossing to Burnie, Tasmania, performing a compass adjustment in the bay, en route. The ship was very comfortable, it was a smooth crossing and I had a pleasant flight home the next morning.

Victorian Reliance's identical sistership at Burnie. I took this photo during a cruise aboard Aurora in 2015.
Sailing from No. 1 Webb Dock, Melbourne.

(L - R) The ship's 2nd Mate, Chief Officer, Helmsman and the Captain.

Crude oil tanker at Gellibrand.
Approaching the junction at the Port Melbourne channel.

I had this spacious Owner's cabin for my use on board.

Approaching Burnie the next morning.

It's been many years since I've been in a ship's vehicle deck. Waiting for the stern ramp to open so I can get the taxi to the airport.
Back in Melbourne.

Saturday, 13 January 2018

ICS Integrity - January 2018

On 13th January I performed a compass adjustment aboard mv ICS Integrity, a newly arrived bunker supply ship chartered from China for three years. Her role is to transport bunker fuel from the Geelong refinery to Sydney and also to fill in as an extra bunker ship there in peak times. We sailed from the Shell refinery pier at 1300 and I disembarked with the pilot outside the heads at 1915 - a slow ship!

Sailing from the refinery pier.

Other shipping in Geelong.

(L-R) Port Phillip Sea Pilot Captain Toby Sheldon, the ship's Master Captain Keith Hagen, the Second Mate and the helmsman.

A storm approaching in the South Channel.

Being overtaken by one of the Bass Strait ferries.

Monday, 18 December 2017

CMA CGM Eiffel - July 2017

On 16th July I performed an  adjustment aboard this ship, sailing from Swanson Dock and disembarking with the Port Phillip Sea pilot outside the heads that evening.

The ship's captain (L) and PPSP pilot Captain John Dicker (R) on the bridge wing.

Heading out of Swanson Dock.

Performing the magnetic compass adjustment, evening, Port Phillip Bay.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Various Princess Cruise Ships - November 2016 - February 2017- Post 1

During my most recent four cruises aboard Princess ships in the Caribbean and South East Asia, I performed magnetic compass adjustments aboard each of them. This is a selection of photos from each.

  Royal Princess - Barbados - 22nd November 2016


Silver Spirit and Royal Princess at Bridgetown, Barbados.


On the bridge with Captain Craig Street
On the compass platform with the Staff Captain (l) and Captain (r).

On the bridge at St. Lucia


Caribbean Princess - Belize - 1st December 2016


Caribbean Princess at Fort Lauderdale.
At anchor off Belize City.
Swinging the ship at anchor.

With Captain Giorgio Pomata,
The Persons On Board status display.
At Cozumel.