Saturday, 31 January 2015

mv CMA CGM Azure - January 2015

I joined this containership in Melbourne on 29/1/15 and sailed with her to Adelaide, doing a compass adjustment en route. The mainland Chinese captain and crew were all very welcoming and affable and we had good weather across to Adelaide. I flew home the morning of arrival on 31/1/15. The ship's next ports were Singapore, Mumbai and others in Europe before returning to Australia..

CMA CGM Azure arriving at Melbourne from Sydney on 28/1/15, taken from my balcony.

Sailing from Swanson Dock at 1930 on 29/1/15.

(L-R) The pilot, Captain John Carroll (another friend of mine from Port Phillip Sea Pilots), the Third Mate at the bridge wing controls and the ship's Master.

Swinging out of Swanson Dock.
Looking up river past Appleton Dock towards the city.
Passing the Harbour Control tower.

(L-R) The helmsman, Fourth Mate and Third Mate.

The pilot and the Captain.

Tug PB Plenty heading back up river after assisting Spirit of Tasmania 1 sail from Station Pier.

One of the new helicopter carriers under construction at Williamstown for the RAN.

Passing an arriving containership in the Port Melbourne channel.

A sunny morning at sea 30/1/15.

The view from my cabin porthole.

All fast in Adelaide 31/1/15.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

mv MOL Emissary - January 2015

On 7th January I boarded MOL Emissary at Swanson Dock to prepare for a compass adjustment after departure the next morning. I spent overnight on board and we sailed at 0700 on the 8th. The adjustment went well despite heavy mist (despite the heat) and dozens of small fishing craft in the  bay. I disembarked at 1115 with the pilot off Queenscliff.

Some photos from Swanson Dock 0600-0700 8/1/15

OOCL California arriving with ANL Bindaree in the background at 1W

The ship astern

Sunrise over Melbourne

Looking forward from the monkey island on MOL Emissary

OOCL California making fast

With OOCL California all fast, her pilot and tugs came over to MOL Emissary
Sailing out of the dock

Swinging out of the dock and into the river