Thursday, 12 March 2015

mv Rivertec - 12th March 2015

On 11th March I took the train and bus to Portland to do a compass adjustment aboard mv Rivertec the next day. She was deeply laden with logs for China.

Waiting for departure - 0700 12th.

A woodchip carrier at an adjacent berth.

The tug arrives.
The Chinese Third Mate and helmsman.
Lashings to keep the logs in place.
The Captain (L) and the pilot.
Another woodchip carrier loading.

Job done and back to shore by launch.

mv Glory Atlantic - 3rd February 2015

I did a compass adjustment aboard this cement carrier on 3rd February.

Glory Atlantic at the cement berth, South Wharf.
Just rounded the Hovell.

The pilot's navigation laptop.
The pilotage information card for the captain.
Ship's checklists.