Thursday, 31 March 2016

mv CMA CGM Jade - 31st March 2016

I boarded CMA CGM Jade at Swanson Dock, Melbourne on 30th. March to prepare for a compass adjustment on departure the next morning. I stayed on board in a spare cabin until the ship sailed at 0400 and disembarked with the pilot off Queenscliff at 0830.

CMA CGM Jade at 3 West Swanson Dock on 30/3
Other ships at Swanson Dock.

Tasty Burmese food on board

Sunday, 20 March 2016

mv ICS Allegience - 14th March 2016

I joined the bunker ship ICS Allegiance at 0600 on March 14th at her berth at 33 South Wharf in order to perform a magnetic compass adjustment after she finished refuelling Diamond Princess (one of my favourite ships) at Station Pier. It was a very interesting day watching the operation from on board the bunker ship.

Approaching Diamond Princess at Outer West Station Pier.

(L-R) The First Mate,Michael Carswell, the ship's Master, Captain Daniel Gadd and the attending Port Phillip Sea Pilot, Captain David Porrett.

Bunkering underway.

The captain manoeuvring the ship so the deck crew can release the mooring lines.

Containership Maersk Garonne sailed from Swanson Dock while I was performing the compass adjustment off Appleton Dock.

Berthing back at 33 South Wharf.