Wednesday, 19 November 2014

mv Celebrity Century - November 2014 - Post 2

Approaching Port Lincoln wharf.

Alongside - gangway being put in place.

Old tugs from Geelong (L) and Melbourne (R).

This is great white territory!

A bulkie waiting to load wheat on the other side of the pier.

Sailing from Port Lincoln.

The ship had great musicians - this rock group on deck, a pianist / singer in the atrium and a classical trio in one of the show lounges.

The compass binnacle was in an unusual location - at the aft end of the signal deck. It had to be accessed via an internal vertical ladder and a steel hatch cover.

The ship issued me with a temporary crew pass for my time on board.
The very affable and competent Greek ship's Master and me.

mv Celebrity Century - November 2014 - Post 1

Just after I returned from my latest Dawn Princess cruises, I was asked to perform a compass adjustment aboard the cruise ship Celebrity Century. I negotiated with the ship's marine superintendent in Miami to perform this adjustment while accommodated in a pilot's cabin from Melbourne on 13th November to Adelaide, Port Lincoln and Sydney on 19th November (end of cruise).
I particularly liked this relatively small (only 71,545 gross tonnes!), older ship (built in 1995) which is serving her last season with Celebrity before being delivered to a Chinese travel company in April 2015. The estimated sale price was USD $157 million. The ship, though showing her age, was very comfortable with a homely feel, good food and great live music and pleasant staff.

Some of the crew relaxing on the foredeck just before sailing from Melbourne.

The Port Phillip Sea Pilot Captain Tim Fitzgerald took the ship out.

The Staff Captain undocking the ship.

Underway from Station Pier.

A lovely evening glass of red in one of the lounges.

Alongside in Adelaide.

Departure Adelaide.

The bridge team on departure Adelaide (L-R) the helmsman (out of shot), the First Officer, the Adelaide Port Pilot, the Captain and the Staff Captain.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

mv CMA CGM Onyx - October 2014

I was engaged to perform a compass adjustment aboard this ship on 3rd October. I prepared for the adjustment that afternoon then stayed aboard overnight as the ship sailed at 0715 the next morning. I disembarked with the pilot off Queenscliff at midday.

CMA CGM Onyx at Swanson Dock 03/10/14

Sailing 0715 04/10/14

Other ships in Swanson Dock.

Approaching Port Phillip heads.

The young Chinese captain - a resident of Shanghai.

The pilot launch coming alongside to take the pilot and me off.

Lonsdale lighthouse.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

mv CSCL New York - August 2014

Upon my return from Sydney I had a request for a compass adjustment aboard mv CSCL New York, berthing at Melbourne the next morning. I attended the ship later that morning and spent the night aboard her as the sailing was set for early the following morning. We sailed at 6.30 on 6/8 and I disembarked the ship just inside the heads (because of a heavy swell outside) at 10.30 then stayed on the pilot launch while the pilot disembarked outside the heads. The ship is identical in design to the mv Rio Grande which I'd just attended.
mv CSCL New York on her maiden arrival at Melbourne in November 2006. At the time she was one of the largest container ships to call at the port.
The ship at Swanson Dock on 05/08.
mv OOCL Norfolk at East Swanson Dock.
Swanson Dock at 0600 on 6/8.

Aboard the pilot launch, taking Capt. John Carroll (left) to MSC Astrid before returning to CSCL New York to disembark her pilot.
Pilot launch coxswain Jim Grinter at the helm while in the backgound, Capt. Carroll boards MSC Astrid.

Port Phillip Sea Pilot Captain David Jones disembarking CSCL New York.