Sunday, 20 April 2014

mv Kota Wajar

I took these photos while making preparations for a compass adjustment aboard mv Kota Wajar on 17/4/14. As often happens, the sailing fell back (this time to midnight) meaning I didn't disembark at Queenscliff until 0430 the next morning.

mv Kota Wajar at Capetown - photo from

Other ships at Swanson Dock.

Capt. Brian Liley PPSP backing mv ANL Warrain out of Swanson Dock.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

mv HS Shackleton

On the evening of 9/4/14 I performed a compass adjustment aboard mv HS Shackleton, sailing from Swanson Dock at 2030 and disembarking with the pilot outside Port Phillip heads at 0030. The Chinese-built ship was less than 6 months old, manned by Croation and Serbian officers and Filipino crew. She is employed on the SE Asia / Australia container trade.

 mv HS Shackleton's foredeck and bridge.

Other ships in Swanson Dock