Wednesday, 6 August 2014

mv CSCL New York - August 2014

Upon my return from Sydney I had a request for a compass adjustment aboard mv CSCL New York, berthing at Melbourne the next morning. I attended the ship later that morning and spent the night aboard her as the sailing was set for early the following morning. We sailed at 6.30 on 6/8 and I disembarked the ship just inside the heads (because of a heavy swell outside) at 10.30 then stayed on the pilot launch while the pilot disembarked outside the heads. The ship is identical in design to the mv Rio Grande which I'd just attended.
mv CSCL New York on her maiden arrival at Melbourne in November 2006. At the time she was one of the largest container ships to call at the port.
The ship at Swanson Dock on 05/08.
mv OOCL Norfolk at East Swanson Dock.
Swanson Dock at 0600 on 6/8.

Aboard the pilot launch, taking Capt. John Carroll (left) to MSC Astrid before returning to CSCL New York to disembark her pilot.
Pilot launch coxswain Jim Grinter at the helm while in the backgound, Capt. Carroll boards MSC Astrid.

Port Phillip Sea Pilot Captain David Jones disembarking CSCL New York.

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