Friday, 7 June 2013

mv Commodore - Melbourne to Adelaide

From 5th. to 7th. June 2013 I was aboard the containership mv Commodore (ex-Hyundai Commodore) to perform a compass adjustment. As the weather was rough until the ship entered Backstairs Passage (between Kangaroo Island and the mainland) with the ship rolling heavily at times, I couldn't perform the adjustment until we were in St. Vincent Gulf at 0200 on Friday morning.
Although the ship was old and not in the best condition, it was comfortable and the people aboard  (mostly Greek officers and Ukranian crew) were welcoming and hospitable.

mv Commodore as mv Hyundai Commodore for her original owners. Photo by Andrew Mackinnon, Melbourne.

Off Portland, Victoria en-route Adelaide

The after mooring deck.

The very genial ship's captain. He is Greek but lives in Poland, his wife's country.

Although no doubt state-of-the-art when the ship entered service in 1992, today the bridge looks somewhat dated.

The Captain and the Ukranian 3rd. Mate.
Approaching Port Adelaide.
The Adelaide pilot launch approaching.
The Adelaide pilot (in red helmet) boards.

The tugs approach.

Commencing the swing off the berth.

Coming alongside.


  1. Tim, these photos are from your best. I liked a lot the Williamstown ones.