Thursday, 18 July 2013

mt Torm Almena - Post 2

Photos from my second visit to the ship.

Early morning on the launch at Gem Pier, Williamstown. This launch used to be a pilot launch at Newcastle NSW

Dawn light at Williamstown

OOCL Yokohama arriving in the Yarra River
Heading out to the ship. The person on the left is a surveyor going to another ship to perform a grain survey (verify that the ship's holds are clean and the vessel is ready to load bulk grain)

Searoad Mersey, a Bass Strait cargo ferry arriving at Webb Dock from Devenport, Tasmania.

The brand new bulk carrier Bright Rainbow on her maiden voyage

The grain surveyor about to board the Bright Rainbow

The bunker ship Zemira approaching to refuel the Bright Rainbow

Later in the day, approaching the Bright Rainbow to collect the grain surveyor.

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