Wednesday, 11 June 2014

mv Triple Ever - May 2014

I was hired to perform an adjustment aboard the bulk ship mv Triple Ever (a ship I previously adjusted two years ago) upon departure from Bell Bay (Tasmania) for Melbourne. I joined the ship on May 8th. at Bell Bay but due to delays with her hold cleaning prior to loading grain in Melbourne, she anchored mid-stream in the Tamar River until sailing on the 11th. I disembarked the vessel upon arrival at the Melbourne anchorage 13/5.

Triple Ever at Bell Bay 8/5/14

Another bulk ship at Bell Bay.

Tug approaching to assist the ship moving to anchor mid-stream.

The ship is in the process of moving to electronic charts.

(L-R) Bell Bay pilot, ship's Captain, helmsman.

Sailing for Melbourne 11/5.

Bell Bay pilot launch approaching.

(Above and Below) Ship entering Port Phillip 13/5. I'm on the starboard bridge wing. Photos - Andrew Mackinnon.

Ship anchored at Melbourne, taken from the pilot launch after I disembarked.

The pilot from Triple Ever transferred to this ship bunkering at the anchorage to take her to sea.

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