Thursday, 16 June 2016

mv Astrantia - 14th June 2016

I boarded the wood-chip carrier mv Astrantia at Corio Quay, Geelong, to perform an adjustment after we sailed at 12 noon. The pilot, Captain David Burns, is a good friend of mine and invited me to return to Melbourne with him while he piloted the car carrier mv Poseidon Leader inbound to 2 West Webb Dock. Consequently, we transferred to that ship outside the heads at 1745 and I had the pleasure of watching David's highly skilled ship handling (he's now the longest serving Port Phillip Sea Pilot) as he manouvred the ship into her constricted berth. A most enjoyable day out.

The ship at Corio Quay, Geelong, on 14th. June 2016.
The friendly and hospitable Korean ship's Master.

The ship's Master and the Port Phillip Sea Pilot, Captain David Burns.

This wharf at Corio Quay was where I joined my first ship as a crew member, mv Iron Whyalla, in December 1972.

Other shipping in the South Channel as we approach Port Phillip heads.

The ship we returned to Melbourne aboard.

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  1. Some great photos, Tim. Always good to see "working" ships and their crews.