Thursday, 24 January 2013

SKS Demini

I boarded a brand new Norwegian tanker, SKS Demini, at Gellibrand Pier on 22nd January 2013 to prepare for a compass adjustment next day when the ship would return to the anchorage. As departure was set for 0400 the following morning, the ship's captain kindly provided me with a cabin to sleep in on board that night. We left the berth at 0430 on the 23rd. and I performed the compass swing en-route to an anchorage far down the bay. After the pilot anchored the ship at 0730, we both left via pilot launch and returned to Williamstown, Melbourne.

SKS Demini arriving at Gellibrand Pier 22nd. January 2013.

A helicopter carrier under construction for RAN.
Heading to the anchorage.
Dawn light at the anchorage in Port Phillip Bay.

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  1. Great photos, Tim. The light in the last couple os beautiful.