Sunday, 6 January 2013

Diamond Princess, Iron Monarch - Westernport

By virtue of me being a compass adjuster, my very good friend, Port Phillip Sea Pilot Captain Charles Griffiths was able to take me aboard Diamond Princess with him as an observer while he piloted her into Westernport and anchored her off Cowes and then piloted her back out to Bass Strait that night.
The next day I accompanied him while he piloted BHP's Iron Monarch from the Hastings steel terminal to sea.

Diamond Princess - 1st January 2010

Heading out to Diamond Princess in Bass Strait, aboard the Westernport pilot launch on 1st. January 2010.

Charles piloting Diamond Princess to the Cowes anchorage.

Preparing for tendering operations.

Cowes pier from the ship's starboard bridge wing.

(L-R) The ship's Captain and Staff Captain.

The crew pool and jacuzzi.

Disembarking the ship by pilot launch at 0100 on 02/01/10.

Iron Monarch - 2nd January 2010

Sailing from the Hastings terminal.

The ship's Captain at the bridge wing controls.

The starboard pilot ladder rigged ready for our disembarkation.

Sailing down Westernport Bay.

The pilot launch approaching to take us off.

The ship from the pilot launch.


  1. Looks like it was a very choppy sea! Great photos!

  2. Greetings, Thought you might like to know your pic of everyone on the bridge (4th one from the top) has been copied and used as what seems to be a false Facebook account under the name of "Sanders David Ray", who claims he is a "Director of Operations" at "Marrine (sic) Shipping Company" in Portsmouth (UK).
    M Hill