Wednesday, 19 September 2012

mv Triple Ever - Geelong to Newcastle

In May 2012 I boarded the bulkship mv Triple Ever in Geelong for a compass adjustment. My intention was to disembark with the pilot outside Port Phillip heads but when we got to Queenscliff the heads were closed to the pilot launch because of high winds and very rough seas. Although the pilot disembarked several hours later off Westernport, the seas were still extremely rough with the ship rolling heavily so I stayed aboard, disembarking in Newcastle 4 days later. As always, the Filippino captain, officers and crew were wonderful hosts throughout.

Triple Ever about to sail from Geelong.

(L - R) The Port Phillip Sea Pilot and the ship's captain.

Other shipping in Geelong harbour.

The ship's Second Mate.

Next morning, off Wilson's Prom.

The Newcastle port pilot boards by helicopter.

In the Hunter River.

(L - R) The pilot, Captain Sandra Risk and the ship's captain.

Coal carriers in Newcastle port.

Making fast, aft.

Sandra and me.

Boarding the flight home at Newcastle airport.

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  1. Some great photos there, Tim. Great opportunities for photography in your line of work.