Sunday, 16 September 2012

Licensed and Let Loose!

In July 2008 I was granted my Compass Adjuster's Licence by AMSA (Australian Maritime Safety Authority) and let loose on my own. However, I've always had recourse to my compass adjustment mentor, Ken Murray, for advice when confronting new situations. This and the subsequent posts are of photos from my some of my experiences as a licensed adjuster.

Kota Ekspres

From the bridge of Kota Ekspres, waiting for an evening departure.

Glory Moon

Watching a conventional cargo ship berthing at Appleton Dock, while waiting for Glory Moon to sail from South Wharf.

Glory Moon, a Filippino cement carrier, at South Wharf. Note the anti-piracy barbed wire fence lining the deck.

Cap Beatrice

In May 2010 I joined Cap Beatrice, as a passenger from Philadephia, USA to Melbourne via Savannah, Cartagena, Panama Canal, Balboa, Auckland and Sydney. After departure Savannah, I performed a compass adjustment for the ship's captain, Captain Stenderchuck, as the current deviation certificate was nearly 12 months old. Panama Canal regulations require all transiting vessels to have a deviation certificate issued within the previous 12 months. In fact, as we entered the canal at Cristobal, before the canal pilots boarded, an inspector came aboard to check this and other certificates. 

Cap Beatrice arriving at Tauranga, New Zealand (photo - Chief Engineer, Cap Beatrice)

About to sail from Savannah.

Heading downriver to sea on the Savannah River. (photo - Captain Stenderchuck, Cap Beatrice)

Captain Stenderchuck and me on Cap Beatrice's bridge during her Panama Canal transit.

Morning in Port Botany, Sydney.

 Annabelle Schulte

In July 2010, the German shipping company Hamburg-Sud hired me to perform a compass adjustment between Melbourne and Adelaide aboard their containership Annabelle Schulte.

Watching another ship berth at Swanson Dock, from Annabelle Schulte.

Annabelle Schulte, at sea between Melbourne and Adelaide.

The Third Mate on watch, in the chartroom.
Two photos on deck.

Golden Yuki

I took these 2 photos of ships at Swanson Dock, on my way to the tanker Golden Yuki, berthed at the Marybinong River terminal.

Golden Yuki's bridge.

Evening sunlight across Yarraville and Port Melbourne.

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