Wednesday, 19 September 2012

mv Ghena at Portland

In September 2010 I was hired to perform a compass adjustment aboard a livestock carrier, mv Ghena at Portland,  Victoria. The ship had just arrived from a shipyard in Singapore where she had been converted from a container ship. After the compass adjustment she returned to berth in Portland to load her first assignment of livestock for the Middle East.

Aboard a Sharp Airlines Fairchild SA-227 Metro commuter plane at Essendon airport bound for Portland via Hamilton.

Approaching Hamilton for a 15 minute stop.

mv Ghena at her Portland berth.

Landing at Portland.

On the tarmac at Portland.

Other shipping in port.

Woodchips being poured out of a B Double truck.

mv Ghena alongside.

Photos from around the ship.


A surveyor from the Singapore shipyard doing paperwork on the bridge.

(L-R) The ship's captain and the Portland pilot as the ship sails for the compass swing.

Ships officers and the helmsman on the bridge.

Outward bound past the breakwater.

Back at Portland airport for the flight home.

Approaching Essendon airport.

Taxiing to the Essendon terminal.

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