Friday, 14 September 2012

Compass Adjuster training - 2

OOCL Yokohama

OOCL Yokohama arriving in Melbourne. I took this photo from my apartment.

An older sister-ship also in Swanson Dock that day. 
With the Chief Officer. 


Inspecting the Flinders Bar.

The permanent corrector magnets.

The underside of the compass bowl.

Sailing from Swanson Dock.

Other ships in Swanson Dock as we sailed.

Swinging into the river. The Port Control Tower is ahead.

(L - R) The helmsman, the ship's Captain, Ken, the pilot (Captain Chris Coy) and the check-pilot (Captain John Carroll)

The ship from the pilot launch.

We're heading for shore as the ship heads down the bay to sea.

The pilot launch crew.

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