Tuesday, 24 November 2015

mv Grand Eagle - 24th November 2015

On 23 November, I attended a car carrier, mv Grand Eagle, at B Appleton Dock to prepare for a compass adjustment the next morning. I spent the night on board in the pilot cabin and the ship sailed at 0645 the next morning. I disembarked with the pilot outside the heads at 10.30 on the 24th.
At Appleton Dock B.
Looking astern from the monkey island.
A ship sailing from Swanson Dock at 0600.
Looking across Swanson Dock from the ship's bridge wing.

We didn't need tugs but the agent had already booked them.

This was just a part discharge of Grand Eagle's cargo from Germany, the remainder to Port Kembla. before she heads to Korea for her next cargo. While by no means what is considered a large car carrier these days, she still carries 1600 cars.
Sailing downriver past Webb Dock.
Passing Queenscliff at 1000h.

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  1. Great photos, Tim. Amazing to see the huge size of these ships and the large numbers of cars they carry.