Wednesday, 2 December 2015

mv Hammonia Antofagusta - 2nd December 2015

On 2nd December I joined mv Hammonia Antofagasta at Swanson Dock for a compass adjustment in the bay, disembarking with the pilot at 1845h outside the heads.

mv Hammonia Antofagasta outside the heads on 2/12/15. (photo Graham Flett)
HS Shackleton, another ship I adjusted sailing from Swanson Dock.

Maersk Olaf sailing from Swanson Dock.

Other ships at Swanson and Appleston Docks.

The ship's Master (L) at the controls and the Port Phillip Sea Pilot (R) piloting the ship out of Swanson Dock.
Heading downriver, approaching the VTS (port control) tower.

Approaching the heads with the pilot launch (photo Graham Flett)
Just after the pilot and I disembarked onto the pilot launch. (photo Graham Flett)

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  1. Great photos, Tim. Always good to see images from real, working ships.